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Wellness for Kids

Wellness is not just for adults. At Angkor Grace, we have created an environment that provides kids  with wellness based services so they can play & socialize.

Ponleu Kids

Ponleu in Khmer means “light”. We believe every child has a light within. Let your children’s light shine brightly under the care of our trusted team of childcare professionals. Kids from 6 months old to 12 years old will enjoy the engaging learning environment, and develop lifelong wellbeing habits along the way, whilst you appreciate the time and headspace you need to look after yourself.

*Please note that kids must wear clean socks to have access to our baby corner and playspace.

Services at Ponleu Kids

Kids playing with nursery

Baby Corner (6-36 months old)

Let us take care of your babies whilst you take care of yourself.


  • Day Care Nursery
  • Week end Playground
  • Babies’ wellness activities during the week

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday 7:30am-4:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 9:30-6pm


  • US$ 10 per class
  • US$ 20 for half day without lunch
  • US$ 40 for full day with compulsory lunch
Kid playing in playground

Playspace (up to 12 years old)

Let us take care of your kids whilst you take care of yourself.


  • Kids day care & playground
  • After School learning wellness activities

Opening Hours

  • 9:30am – 6pm Monday to Sunday


  • US$ 10 per class
  • US$ 20 for half day without lunch
  • US$ 40 for full day with compulsory lunch
Kids playing

Weekend Events

Stay informed about our regular weekend events coming to Ponleu kids very soon; blending fun learning, exciting discoveries and relaxing times for kids & babies. Every event is unique at Ponleu Kids, because every little one is also unique.

Kid playing with nurse

In-Room Babysitting

Allow yourself to have some free time with your partner, or alone as your precious little one(s) is cared for by one of our Ponleu Kids team members. Rest assured that your child will engage in funny activities, under the supervision of our staff, and your children's needs will be met (as required), while you are out of your apartment.

Opening Hours

On demand, please book 24h in advance.

Kids in swimming pool

Kids Camps

Stay tuned as our very special kid camps are coming soon. Ideal for holidays & to allow your kid to make unforgettable moments with their new friends in our Ponleu Kids tribe.

Kids' Wellbeing Journeys

Just like adults, kids are exposed to stress and anxiety. It is essential to help them find healthy coping methods early in their lives so that they can experience wellbeing into the future. At Angkor Grace, kids can get a fun taste of wellness through our range of activities and programs offered at Ponleu Kids, such as kid yoga, baby massage, music… We are happy to welcome your kids for a dose of playfulness & fun times together.

Fun Times Together

A dose of fun and playfulness brings connection and joy to the whole family.

Kid in sliding in pool

Kids' Swimming Pool



Baby corner/Nursery

Baby Corner/Nursery

Family playspace

Outdoor Playground

Other Wellness Options