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Dine Well at Angkor Grace

For us, good food is one of the core pillars of wellness. Everything we serve is nutritious, nourishing, and made with intention and gratitude.
Spagetti `

Ahara Restaurant

Ahara’s mindful menu celebrates local and international cuisine whilst paying careful attention to nutritional balance. From breakfast to dinner, Ahara has your nutritional needs covered, along with some healthy indulgences and comfort food for the soul.

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Healthy Food: Keto Diet `

Grace Cafe

The hub of our community, and your daily source of nourishing drinks and bites for the soul. At Grace Cafe, we value the cafe experience as much as the quality of the food and drinks. Savor your coffee ritual or explore our delicious alternatives, tailored to your health requirements.

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Veggie Bowl over Coconut Quinoa `

Gratitude Cafe

(Open in December)
Located within our Yoga centre, experience the benefits and delights of our delicious plant-based menu. Balancing your energy and your taste-buds with nature's best ingredients.

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Green and Purple Fresh Juices or Smoothies `

M Juice Bar

Complement your hard work at the gym with a healthy shake or protein drink from our gym’s in-house juice bar. Our specialized refreshments are designed to kickstart your body’s natural systems and encourage peak performance.

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Having Breakfast in the Bed, In-room Dining `

In-Room Dining

Enjoy our healthy, nutritious food in the privacy of your own suite. Available daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

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