Our Team

Antoine Meinnel


Antoine and his team at Bloom has created many stunning projects of international quality.  Amongst them are FCC Siem Reap, Amber Kampot and Novotel Sihanoukville. Bloom shares our vision of creating Angkor Grace Residence & Resort as a retreat, where the boundaries between interior and exterior will be blurred.

Elain Younn


Elain’s intuitive entrepreneurial style has created many businesses and NFP organisations including The 240 Residence luxury apartments, Living IChing Décor, iCAN British International School, Bliss Spa, Enso Cafe and Enso Healing Space, Luna Italian restaurant as well as charities, Bravehearts and Cambodia Sings.

Kam Chin Seng


The founder of N6A Investment that created Galaxy Residence and Peninsula Private Residences. Kam Chin Seng is the co-founder of the architectural & interior design firm Tings & Associates Co., Ltd. His family business also covers housing development, timber manufacturing, plantation and 18 hole golf courses in Malaysia.

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” –Winston Churchill

Imagine living a life of peace and comfort. Each step you take in and out of your home brings you into nature. With each step you are surrounded by numerous tall trees, flowers and plants while breathing in fresh air. You hear the birds singing and see butterflies flitting about. You take a leisurely walk along the winding path, amongst the trees, entertaining what you will do today; how about a dip in the natural pool or a treatment at the spa, some workout at the gym or yoga perhaps. And oh you will also need to be nourished with a lovely meal made from the freshest ingredients at one of the café or restaurant. Definitely our homes does shape us, let it be shaped with joy and grace, at Angkor Grace.